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Valentin Rekunenko ~ "Rose"
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Did you know? Cows (cattle) develop close friendships with each other. When they are separated, they often get stressed.
Share this fun fact with your friends! #animalwelfare #farming #cows #cattle #picoftheday #wspa #wspausa


Did you know? Cows (cattle) develop close friendships with each other. When they are separated, they often get stressed.

Share this fun fact with your friends! #animalwelfare #farming #cows #cattle #picoftheday #wspa #wspausa

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Bruges, Belgium (by Jose M Vazquez)


Bruges, Belgium (by Jose M Vazquez)

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Just Food for Thought on LDR

This has been on my mind for a little while and I just need to get it out there.

So I have been reading a lot of articles lately about long distance relationships (LDR for short). Although I’m glad a lot of the views on LDR are changing, as in they are no longer viewed as just an automatic relationship killer, there seem to be a lot of rules on how couples in long distance relationships are supposed to act.

1. Talk Every Day
A lot of articles I have read state this is why people in LDR seem to be closer and have a stronger bond than those who are not in a LDR. It’s not just talk, but constantly text, email, and video chat.
Um, my boyfriend and I don’t talk every day. I do mean we don’t talk everyday. We don’t talk on the phone or text everyday. I have only video chatted with him once, and I was kind of drunk. Sometimes we’ll go a whole week or two without saying a word too each other, because we just get so caught up in our own lives with work and school. I don’t feel like we’re not close. I don’t usually feel like I’m being neglected or abandoned. Sure, I miss him a lot, but does that mean I have to state it every minute of the day?

2. There will be trust issues and you will get jealous
Nope. Maybe it’s because we were really good friends in high school, and we have dated before. Or maybe it’s just our personalities. I have never been one to “get jealous”. Whatever it is, it has never been a problem. I have never thought, “oh, he’s going to cheat on me,” whenever he goes out with friends. Hopefully, at least he has not said anything, my boyfriend feels the same way when I go out, which honestly is not too often. Maybe that’s why we don’t have these issues, because neither of us are really “party” people. Either way, this problem seems to be nonexistent to us.

3. Visit Often
How often is often? My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly…ten months now, and we have only seen each other in person once since we have started dating, and it was only for a week. I’m not going to lie, it does suck not seeing each other. I’m not normally a touch-and-feel person, but lately I have been wanting to cuddle and do couple-like things (not just sexual, jackasses). I do miss him terribly so in a physical sense (NOT JUST SEXUAL), but we seem to do pretty well despite the lack of physical contact. I still think we have a strong bond, and we both clearly love each other dearly. I think this “rule” is to keep the relationship from just being a friendship, which people often say a relationship without sex is, but for me it feels like a romantic relationship. I definitely do not feel like we’re just friends. Although I do want to see him more, and we’re definitely over due for a visit, it’s not the end of the world that we haven’t seen each other in almost eight months.

Maybe we’re just weird. Maybe it’s just because we click so well. Some days I even consider the term soul mates, although I’ve never been that much of a romantic. Maybe I’m just not putting enough effort into our relationship and he’s not informing me so. I don’t think that’s the case. Well, all I know is we love each other and I believe we have a strong romantic bond. So far we have been working pretty well, and I’m not about to rock the boat because of what people say my relationship is supposed to be like.

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